4 Energy Management Tips To Avoid Burnout: Holiday Edition

Last-minute shopping trips, long lists filled with errands, hosting parties, running around with the kids, late nights and early mornings, all while trying to find time for yourself… Does this sound familiar? If you’ve ever felt the wrath of burnout in the weeks following the busy holiday season, you’re not alone. Learning to manage your energy can be the key to avoiding this feeling once and for all. 

While the holiday season is meant to be a joyous time of year filled with celebrations, gift-giving, and family time, the never-ending activities can take a toll on your mental health. To come out on the other side of the chaos unscathed takes a certain type of resilience. Most feel depleted of energy and, even after likely taking some time off work, feel in need of a vacation. If this sounds like you (no judgment here) consider taking in the tips below to show up as your best self this holiday season. 

Move Your Body 

“Won’t moving more make me MORE tired? I need to conserve energy!” It might seem counterintuitive that expending energy can help you to create more energy, but it’s true! In fact, your body gets a boost from the exercise-induced release of hormones that increase your energy. Dance, walk, run, challenge a family member to a push-up competition – any form of movement is better than nothing! 

Add-In Whole Foods 

Focusing on eating balanced meals while still enjoying your seasonal favorites could be the difference between feeling run-down and feeling the brain-boosting effects of nutrient-dense food! Keep your food choices top of mind when trying to maintain high energy levels. Avoid going too long between meals, eat slowly, limit alcohol, and be aware of how much you’re eating. Incorporating healthy, nutritious whole foods in your holiday celebrations can help prevent fatigue, while processed foods with poor nutrient content can cause you to feel lethargic. 

Sleep When You Can 

Rather than throwing your normal routine out the window with all the seasonal activities going on, try your best to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Aim to hit the pillow at your typical time, even though you may not have to get up for work, and try keeping your wake-up time consistent too. 

Turn off the TV, put down your phone, and catch those extra zzz’s. 

Use Tools & Set Reminders 

As the saying goes, “what is measured can be improved,” and that applies to energy management and preventing burnout. In terms of tracking and measuring your progress while working to improve your energy management, you can use anything from a checklist to sticky note reminders to an app like headversity. Setting reminders for yourself to move, eat well, and get to bed on time is a great way to create these healthy habits and move toward better energy management. Choosing to use an app or platform to learn more about energy management is also a helpful way to gain insight from experts in the field. 

There’s a lot of information here to absorb, but if you simply remember to eat well, move often, and sleep when you can, you’ll find yourself in a healthier mental state as you move through the holidays. Don’t forget that you’re in control of managing your energy levels, and consistent practice can drastically improve your quality of life! 

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