headversity is the only resilience training app in Canada with a validated measurement tool, and is steeped in evidence-based principles from the fields of neuroscience, psychiatry, and performance psychology. Our machine learning algorithm, headscan, measures and tracks your resilience, offering a custom learning path to train each of the 6 resilience skills.

Our Values


At headversity , we place great emphasis on having an open and honest relationship with our team and partners. Transparency is in our DNA. To help achieve your business goals, we will work with you by providing population level insights that track the wellbeing of your people. Together and collaboratively, we will build a resilient workplace.


headversity was born out of serving a market need and bringing innovation and disruption to the field of mental health and performance. Our promise to partners is you’ll be at the forefront of science, data, and technology in looking after the mental wellbeing of your people.

Growth Mindset

The science shows that resilience can be built in ALL people. Our training is built on this principle to help people think, feel, and be better, no matter what is thrown at them.


At headversity we’ve built an internal culture of high performance, and our most successful partnerships are an extension of this. We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards, because in doing so we’ll help bring the best out of users of our program.


A good mental health strategy is a preventative one. Like most things in life, building in precautions for a rainy day will decrease time, energy, and costs. Our program is applicable to ALL users not just those who are ill or elite performers and is meant to reduce the crisis burden felt by people managers and HR execs today.


We live by the principle of taking action and moving beyond ‘talk’ when it comes to mental wellbeing. The bell has been wrung, so to speak. Our program brings tools and exercises aimed at putting to action the learning content to drive behavior change in today’s workforce.

Our Management Team

Ryan Todd, MD, FRCPC

Chief Executive Officer

Karen MacNeill, PHD

Chief Product Officer

Jordan DeCoste, PHD

Chief Operating Officer

Kameron Erker, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Gramlich

Chief Marketing Officer

Some of Our Partners


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