Last week on Beyond the Checkbox we had acclaimed author and workplace culture thought leader, Mark C. Crowley as a guest on the podcast. Mark talked at length about what it means to ‘Lead from the Heart’, why leaders are still fearful of it to this day, and why it’s the winning formula to the modern workplace.

If you didn’t have a chance to watch or listen to the episode, here’s are 3 key takeaways as a recap:

Mark was Strongly Advised to NOT Title his Book ‘Lead from the Heart’

When publishing ‘Lead from the Heart’, Crowley sought consultation on building out his speaking profile and generating press about the book. The blunt advice he received from his publicist took him by surprise.

“You’re going to f***ing fail if you continue to use the words lead from the heart”

At the end of the day, Crowley decided to bet on himself because he knew it was right, even if the business community wasn’t quite ready to embrace it.

Leaders Still Fear Showing Empathy

The main reasons this fear persists:

  1. Leaders feel employees will take advantage of empathetic leadership
  2. Performance will suffer
  3. People are ‘messy’

Crowley explains further in this clip:


Leading from the Heart is Not a Trainable Skill

Crowley cited a statistic from Gallup that approximately 30% of the human population have a ‘caring gene’.

Crowley argued that the other 70% of us can’t fake this caring gene that a good leader should have; that it comes across as disingenuous or inauthentic and is therefore unsustainable. Rather than trying to train this untrainable skill, he suggested we should focus our efforts on building up leaders who fall into this 30% caring gene.

“We need to start hiring managers at all levels who demonstrate they know how to lead from the heart. That would be the largest and most transformational move that businesses could make today.” – Mark C. Crowley




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