Therapy dogs have been proven to boost mood and reduce stress levels of university students.

Did you know?

Dogs can help reduce stress and anxiety levels and boost your mood.

The University of British Columbia recently ran a study to determine the health effects that dogs had on the students who participated in the study. They evaluated 247 students, all of whom were surveyed on their mood and stress levels before and after meeting the therapy dogs, as well as again 10 hours later. The students then got to cuddle and play with 12 therapy dogs.

The Results

The students wnho completed the survey immediately after their session with the therapy dogs showed a significant increase in energy and happiness and a decrease in stress. The survey that was taken 10 hours later was to test just how long these effects would last. This survey found that although effects had faded, there was an overall increase in mood and positive response.

The Science

In a 2012 study the health effects gained from human and animal interaction can be attributed to brain chemicals. More specifically, a single interaction with a dog can produce changes in cortisol, norepinephrine and epinephrine, the hormone indicators for stress.

Other Benefits

Dogs can do more than just reduce stress. Owning a dog can lead to more overall health benefits that you may be unaware of.

  1. They get you outside
  2. They keep you moving
  3. Dogs make you feel less lonely
  4. They are great listeners
  5. Unconditional love
  6. They make you laugh


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