Introducing CERT: A Bold New Approach to Certification Training  

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you! Today headversity introduces CERT, an all-new offering in our workforce mental health and resilience solutions. CERT is transforming the way employees learn, helping leaders standardize training on topics like mental health, respect, and psychological safety, empowering leaders to build a winning culture. 

Back in early 2023, we acquired Respect Group Inc., a market leader in certification training that has certified more than 2 million people. Since then, we’ve connected with industry experts, learners, partners, and Respect Group clients to dive deep into the core of certification training. This prompted two insights:

1. Certification training is key to building a better workplace culture across organizations in North America.    

2. Despite the evolving demands of a constantly on-the-go millennial and Gen Z workforce, certification training options remain traditional and have not adapted to these changes.   

With these market insights, we identified some drawbacks of the standard “one-and-done” certification training model. 

For employees, traditional certification training lacks engagement, is too long to complete in one go, and its lessons are quickly forgotten. 

For admins, traditional certification training is expensive, complicated to assign and monitor, and lacks useful data. 

To meaningfully address these concerns, we devised a better solution. Certification training needed a new, practical approach that is rich in content, is highly effective, and encourages knowledge retention. Seizing the opportunity, we took Respect Group’s certification expertise and infused it with our practice-based micro-learning. The result? A powerful certification training experience with bite-sized learning and continuous qualification that helps organizations cultivate a winning culture.  

Introducing CERT

Get Certified. Stay Qualified. 

CERT is a digital certification program that certifies and continuously upskills the workforce to maintain their credentials across time. It offers an accelerated certification process in 40-minutes or less and then delivers ongoing micro-learning experiences to practice skills and stay qualified. This makes training quicker, simpler and better for everyone, while continuously improving organizational culture.  

CERT makes mandated training more accessible, efficient, and relevant for today’s workforce by using practice to reinforce learning with the approach of “Get Certified. Stay Qualified.” 

Key Features and Benefits of CERT 

1. Simpler, Quicker Learning   

Employees can breeze through certifications in less than 40 minutes, gaining essential knowledge without information overload. CERT programs are quick, engaging, and mobile-friendly, so employees actively participate throughout the entire training journey.  

2. Continuous Qualification   

By emphasizing ongoing qualification after certification, CERT fosters an environment of learning and growth. CERT stands out from the “one-and-done” certification model by providing easy-to-access tools and practices with quarterly upskilling tasks. This positive reinforcement ensures employees remain qualified and adaptable. 

3. Mandatory Meets Voluntary  

Mandatory certifications across your workforce? Check. Engaging, voluntary practice? Double-check. CERT blends need-to-do tasks with want-to-do learning in an appealing, easy way. It dynamically evolves to stay at the leading edge of science, ensuring the latest research and tech innovations are reflected in the training.  

4. Efficient Training Management 

With a central admin dashboard, CERT makes it simple and efficient for admins to assign, track, and monitor certification progress. This integrated approach simplifies data review and certification assignment, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time. 

5. Systems Approach to Building a Better Culture  

CERT goes beyond just checking the boxes to enhancing team skills and company culture. It provides immediate insights into the impact of each certification through pre- and post-surveys, showing improvements in knowledge, skills, and attitudes. CERT makes it easier and more effective to scale up training on important topics.

Flagship CERT programs 

Let’s explore some of the programs that CERT offers—and this is just the start! Each one is designed to address foundational topics impacting today’s workplace, equipping your organization to create a winning culture. 

 1. Mental Health Foundations   

We’re building an army of champions right from the ground up. This program empowers everyone with the knowledge and skills to navigate and excel in their own mental health journey. It’s about creating a mentally healthy, aware, and resilient workforce.  

 2. Mental Health Foundations for Leaders  

With great power comes great responsibility, and in the workplace today, leaders play a prominent role in their teams’ mental health. This program is truly foundational for leaders, transforming them into mental health champions. It equips leaders with knowledge and tools to be not just effective in their roles but also empathetic, understanding, and supportive of their teams.    

 3. Respect in the Workplace  

Respect in the Workplace is a fresh take on the legendary program offered through Respect Group Inc. This CERT helps scale and standardize respectful practices across your organization to prevent bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD). With over 2 million lives improved through the legendary version, this industry-leading certification program truly sets the standard of respect.  

  4. Psychological Safety 

Creating a safe space for everyone is not just a goal; it’s a necessity. With the latest standards and practices, this program helps cultivate a positive workplace culture. It empowers employees to build an environment where team members feel safe contributing and taking risks, leading to a thriving organization.  

The Future of Certification Training Starts Now! 

CERT makes mandatory training quicker, simpler, and better for everyone. It’s a chance for organizations to meet all the needs of their people and to lead with purpose.  

Connect with us to experience CERT.