Ever heard of BLUE thoughts?

They’re not what you may think. BLUE thoughts stands for Blaming yourself, Looking for the bad, Unhappy guessing, and being Exaggeratedly negative. Pay attention to how often you have BLUE thoughts…it may be more common that you think. Instead, re-framing your mental mindset can change your outlook on life and impact your behaviours.

The following is a simple exercise for kids and adults to use.

Recognize BLUE thoughts

1Blaming Myself

This is especially prevalent at times when you make mistakes. Its common to internalize your disappointment with yourself and take all the blame. Watch out for times when you think “this is all my fault” or “I’ve ruined everything.”

2Looking for the Bad

There are so many good things that happen to us in a day, but it is so easy to dwell on the ONE bad thing that happened. Take a step back, reexamine your day and weigh the good against the bad. It’s important to keep the big picture in view.

3Unhappy Guessing

Say you are nervous about a job interview that you have tomorrow. Even though you have no idea how tomorrow is going to play out, you imagine all the ways you are going to mess up or embarrass yourself. You tell yourself that you are not qualified for the job and you will never get it. Thoughts like these keep us in a dark place, and sometimes if you have already decided that you aren’t good enough, you won’t even give yourself a chance.

4Exaggeratedly Negative

When you think that everything in the interview went horribly. Keeping an overly negative view on the world makes it hard to find the motivation to do anything, much less trying to be positive.

Recognizing these BLUE thoughts helps us combat and cast them aside so they don’t ruin our day. Sometimes, we just need to get out of our own way!


  1. #2 is a regular for me. Thanks for this. Helps clarify what I have to work on and that I have fewer blue thoughts than I thought.


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