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In a world that often confuses mental wellbeing with mental illness, we’re here to reset the narrative. Our ‘Feel Good Feed’ content series empowers you to nurture your mental health daily—just like you do with your physical health—to prevent and predict challenges before they arise.


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Expect a wealth of tips and articles designed exclusively for HR leaders like you. Each edition showcases the positive facets of mental health, dismantling the stigma and ushering in a culture that values every individual’s mental wellbeing.


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headversity really helped create the culture of language around resiliency at SAIT. Working with their team is infectious, as they’re constantly looking to push the boundaries and conjure up innovative solutions to address mental health in organizations.

We now have clients that ask us if they can use headversity. It’s just changed the way we talk to clients about mental health, the way we talk to team members about mental health, and the conversation in general in our province around mental health.