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Questions fréquemment posées

What is Resilience?

We describe resilience as your readiness to face adversity. Achieving resilience is achieving the ongoing ability to maintain good mental health.

Why would an organization need a resilience program?

There are many reasons resilience training is useful for organizations. Proactive mental health programs in the workplace that focus on resilience are proven to contribute to workers that are more productive, innovative, successful, helpful, and motivated in their roles.

Is there research to back this up?

Yes – everything we do is evidence-based. Our proprietary Resilience Algorithm was validated against the top resilience studies in the field. We also have a whitepaper to recap industry research on resilience.

What are you actually measuring?

We measure resilience, which is your readiness to face adversity. This is measured by six constitute parts, self-expertise, mindfulness, mental fitness, mental health, hardiness, energy management.

Can I see how the app works?

Yes, we would love to take you through a demo. You can book a demo here.

Our leadership team has no time to roll out another initiative, how difficult will it be to roll this out?

Our program is turnkey to rollout for any organizational size. Contact us or set up a meeting to discuss this concern with one of our customer service representatives.

Where does the data go?

All data is processed and kept at rest on compliant AWS servers in the client’s jurisdiction. All compliance audits and certification can be found here:

Is this data secure?

Yes, security and privacy are a massive priority for us and our partners. All data traffic is encrypted in transit and in encrypted in rest using Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS, formerly called Secure Sockets Layer [SSL]) with an industry-standard AES-256 cipher. All data is processed and kept at rest on compliant AWS servers in the client’s jurisdiction. All compliance audits and certification can be found here: Users consent to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service policy at registration. Users also have access to these policies at all times in-app. Clients have access to our full library privacy and security policies/procedures at all times. Please feel free to request more information by emailing

Do you take personal health information?

The only personally identifiable information that headversity collects is the user’s name, email address, and in a small percentage of cases, an employee ID. These are used for identity management, eligibility, and authentication purposes only, and never included in our reporting. Additionally, headversity does not provide aggregate reporting to sample sizes of less than 30 individuals.

We have a limited budget, can we still work together?.

Reach out to schedule a meeting with us to discuss budgetary concerns, and one of our customer service representatives will be in touch within 24 hours.

Does this create a psychologically safe workplace?

The national standard for the psychologically safe workplace include a checklist of 62 items. Upon launching headversity, your team will immediately meet 36 items on this checklist. A great and turnkey start to your psychologically safe journey.

Does this replace our EAP?

No. EAP’s are responsible for tertiary mental health care, when people need active mental health care from a professional. headversity is positioned to promote primary mental health care, skill building, prevention, etc.

Our company has already started another wellness platform, how does this fit in to that?

We are able to create an API for most wellness platforms, such that our platform can work within your wellness platform or have easy access from that platform.

Is headversity for all ages?

Our platform is built for all learner styles and all aptitudes, providing easy access for all adults.

What is the time lag between signing up for headversity and Launch?

headversity can be rolled out almost instantly upon finalizing the agreement with your organization.