Everything you need to know about headversity 2.0

We’ve made updates before, but nothing quite like this. headversity 2.0 is our biggest update ever, and when we say big… we mean BIG. With a refreshed user experience and design, an expanded suite of trainable skills, and too many all-new practice tools to count (okay, we counted – there’s 25 and more in the works), the updated headversity experience will change the way people tackle resilience, not only at work but also in their personal lives. By focusing our training on ALL aspects of life, we can equip the workforce with the skills to handle challenges whenever they arise – because life happens on and off the worksite. We are doubling down on our vision to offer the simplest, most practical and inclusive digital experiences in mental health upskilling for today’s workforce. Here’s everything you need to know about headversity 2.0.

Broadening our training focus for all of life’s experiences

headversity 2.0 didn’t happen by accident. Through extensive research into the latest resilience science and gaps in workforce mental health, we’ve discovered that resilience exists on a scale and differs across various aspects of life. This means some people might be skilled at handling challenges at work or in school but struggle when it comes to personal matters or relationships, and vice versa. Building resilience is a critical component of personal growth and success in all domains of life. And since our work and home lives are closely intertwined, it’s necessary to address both while building a resilient workforce. To meet this need, we’ve expanded our content to apply to both professional and personal contexts. We’ve also made our platform more intuitive and more visually engaging, but that’s just a bonus.

Product features & benefits

Now that you know WHY we’re bringing these changes to our platform, let’s break down HOW we’re delivering them. Here are all the new features and updates you can expect from headversity 2.0.

Revamped interface and user experience

We could go into detail about the refreshed, more intuitive mobile interface and navigation that matches the updated web experience launched back in January, but you’d probably rather just see it for yourself. Take a peek!

TEAM now available on the mobile app

The days of needing a bunch of clunky hardware to lead a team training are over! Our TEAM platform is now accessible directly in the app, so learners and leaders can run through trainings together on their mobile devices. Learners can also seamlessly toggle between SOLO and TEAM training experiences right on the headversity app at the tap of a finger.

Addition of 6 work-focused resilience skills

If you thought the sleek, updated design was the main event, let us show you what’s under the hood. We’ve broadened our resilience skills to make the headversity experience more well-rounded and suited to the many facets of life. With six additional skillsets packed with all-new lessons and practices, headversity 2.0 is designed to support employees and families in all aspects of life, no matter the situation.

We’ve created a skill-based framework for resilience training, providing learners the opportunity to discover what they want to improve, learn about foundational concepts, practice mental skills, measure how they’re doing along the way, and earn badges or simple high-fives for all the positive steps they’re taking to upskill their own mental health.

Here is a breakdown of our brand-new skills:

  • Grow: Embrace challenges and seek out opportunities to learn and improve
  • Protect: Understand mental health conditions, reduce stigma and discrimination, and advocate for access to resources.
  • Respect: Treat others with consideration and strive to create positive and inclusive social environments.
  • Connect: Work together towards a shared goal and leverage each other’s strengths and expertise.
  • Optimize: Maximize your output and minimize burnout to maintain long-term productivity and wellbeing.
  • Return: Reintegrate team members back into the flow of work after their time away.

New skill interface and skill discovery 

You make decisions all day long, but choosing your daily resilience training doesn’t have to be one of them. With our new skill discovery logic, learners will be matched to the skills that best align with how they’re feeling and what areas they want to focus on. No need to spend time looking for relevant content. We’ll do the searching so learners can focus on what matters.

All-new ‘Nano-practices’

Pressed for time? Need a quick pick-me-up before your next meeting? Looking for a positive behavior to stick as a habit? Cue Nano-practices! Perhaps the most exciting part of headversity 2.0 is our brand-new suite of Nano-practices that can be done in 90 seconds or less. From stretching to meditating to overcoming fears, this series of simple, everyday practices gives learners a boost however they need it, whenever they need it. These practices are scientifically proven, and they seriously take micro-learning to a whole new level!

Enhanced return-to-work training

One of our sought-after topics is how to successfully handle employees or teammates returning to work after a leave of absence, so we’ve enhanced our return-to-work training just for that. With Return to Work, learners can find resources to make the transition back to work as comfortable and effective as possible, whether they’re supporting a team member’s return to work or managing their own. This content will empower employees and leaders to feel at ease with the return-to-work process and reduce the stressors and challenges associated with it.

Coming soon

Can you feel our excitement through the screen? headversity 2.0 represents a major step forward in providing a comprehensive and accessible resilience upskilling platform that supports all aspects of life, and it’s just the beginning as we continue to expand our suite of micro and nano trainings. Our novel skill-based framework and updated nano-practices offer a simple and practical learning experience, while our expanded content brings resilience training into all contexts – both personal and professional. We’re excited to continue to develop and improve our platform to help build a more resilient and inclusive workforce – so people can get ahead of adversity.

Stay tuned for the official launch, coming in May!

To get an exclusive inside look at all the new features we have to offer, join us at our product showcase on May 11th. We promise it’ll be worth your while!

Register here: https://www.headversity.com/spring-product-showcase/

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