headversity Adds CTO and VP Social Impact to Its Leadership Team

headversity adds CTO and VP Social Impact to its leadership team

headversity adds CTO and VP Social Impact to its leadership team


headversity is pleased to announce the addition of two key members to our leadership team. We’re excited to introduce Russ Greenspan, our newly appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Beth Gignac, Vice President of Social Impact for Youth, Indigenous People, and LGBTQS+. Learn more below about Greenspan and Gignac, and about how they plan to contribute and lead at headversity!

Introducing Russ Greenspan, headversity’s CTO


Russ Greenspan joins headversity to lead and oversee the development of our mental health upskilling technology. With over 20 years of EdTech experience, Greenspan brings a wealth of knowledge to headversity’s day-to-day and long-term product development process.


Greenspan’s objectives are centered around headversity’s mission to build a market-leading, prevention-oriented platform that will truly help people get ahead of adversity. “My long-term vision is to provide an accident prevention system, to really be synonymous with mental and physical safety,” says Greenspan.


headversity’s Chief Operating Officer, Jordan DeCoste, says Greenspan’s contributions will be central to advancing the company’s technology and bringing this vision to life. “The technology behind headversity is a significant part of what differentiates us in the workforce mental health space,” says DeCoste. “We’re excited to bring on a visionary leader like Russ, not only to help us achieve quicker and better technological progress with our learning solutions, but also so that we can double-down on prevention, which will unlock the possibilities of deeper predictive insights through our technology.”


Greenspan sees mental health as one of the most pressing issues facing society today, and resilience platforms like headversity as the solution. “As the line between personal life and work life continues to blur, focusing on mental wellbeing in the workplace reaches people where stress is high and makes a profound impact on overall mental health.“


Introducing Beth Gignac, headversity’s VP of Social Impact


headversity is excited to welcome Beth Gignac in the newly created role of Vice President of Social Impact for Youth, Indigenous People, and LGBTQS+. Gignac joins us with an impressive background, having experience working with municipal governments, and most recently as the Chief Impact and Innovation Officer at United Way, where she led the AdaptiveYYC program between United Way and headversity.


Gignac will oversee the social impact agenda, ensuring that our mental health tools are accessible to as many people as possible. Her role entails gathering information from various groups and individuals to ensure that our solutions provide lasting experiences for all, in line with headversity’s mission of getting the total workforce ahead of adversity.


“Listening and learning more about the complexities of what people need, and designing services around those needs, is a key strength of headversity’s approach. Refining our services to be responsive to those common complexities while also responding to some specific things that certain people experience, uniquely, will ensure that the headversity platform is truly inclusive”.


Trudi Chalmers, Vice President of Impact, will collaborate closely with Gignac. “Having Beth oversee our social impact plan will be critical to headversity’s goal of producing a product that caters to the whole workforce,” says Chalmers. “Her knowledge will be invaluable in helping us shape how we want our platform to work, particularly when it comes to ensuring our digital mental health training and tools are accessible to everyone. We’re excited to see how her expertise and connections to the community will influence our curriculum.”


headversity CEO, Dr. Ryan Todd, said the additions of Gignac and Greenspan will help level up the company and its offering.


“To add this type of talent and leadership at this stage of our company is a major milestone for our growth,” said Todd. “Both of these additions will help us achieve our goals of expanding our reach through technology and broadening the audiences that we can meaningfully impact with our platform. We couldn’t be more excited to bring world-class talent into the fold to bolster our already strong leadership team.”