headversity Announces Partnership with Mike Holmes, Launches TEAM Training

headversity announces partnership with Mike Holmes, Launches TEAM Training

headversity, a leading provider of preventative mental health training solutions for employers, announced today it has partnered with TV personality and professional builder/contractor, Mike Holmes, to bring exclusive mental health and safety training to its platform. Holmes, a huge advocate for safety on the job through his contracting work, saw a great fit in working with a mental health partner like headversity.

“There are no shortcuts when it comes to safety on the job,” said Holmes. “Mental health is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to this, so I’m excited to partner with headversity and work on this meaningful project to bring this important training to the workforce.”

headversity is excited to welcome Mike Holmes as a contributor and more importantly an advocate for the safety aspect of mental health,” said Dr. Ryan Todd, headversity CEO and co-founder. “His efforts around promoting best practices of on-the-job safety, sharing important stories and tips, and philanthropy work, combined with his unparalleled voice and platform, makes him an ideal contributor to help headversity with its mission of setting the new standard for workforce mental health through preventative training.”


headversity Announces Launch of TEAM Training

Coinciding with the Holmes partnership, headversity announced it has launched headversity TEAM, which takes the SOLO, mobile-first training into a team environment, offering turn-key mental health and safety micro content to leaders and team managers for their health and safety meetings. Piloted to a few select partners already, headversity Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Jordan DeCoste, sees the right blend of individual and group training on an intelligent platform as the future of behavioral health in the workforce.

“We’ve seen workforce training go from one extreme to the other, beginning with group training that lacked retention, and now app-based training for the individual,” says DeCoste. “Independently, these are incomplete solutions. Launching headversity TEAM to complement our SOLO training and using platform intelligence so the two work in tandem, this is an industry-first innovation that we believe changes the landscape of workforce training. It offers employers an unparalleled opportunity to reach their entire workforce, upskilling individuals and teams alike. We’re thrilled to launch this offering with Mike Holmes, an icon of building the right way.”

For more information about headversity’s preventative mental health and resilience training for employers, click here.


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