headversity Announces Upstream Summit

Upstream the preventative mental health summit of the year

Upstream 2022 is finally official.

We all know what’s transpired in the world the past few years has changed the game in workforce mental health. Needs are now ubiquitous across the workforce. Once pronounced a 1-in-5 issue in our work population, it’s now understood mental health is a 5-in-5 reality. Needs are more prevalent, are much broader in scope, and organizations are making a major push to bring proactive tools to employees to prevent costly outcomes around safety and performance.

This is why we’ve launched Upstream, the inaugural summit on innovative strategies, trends, and the future of preventative mental health solutions for the workforce.

The summit will call upon people leaders in HR and Health & Safety, industry changemakers, world-leading experts, and employers who’ve unrolled exemplary programs in preventative mental health. Together, we’ll cover topics like how to better support the mental wellbeing of the modern workforce, improving safety outcomes, and building a psychologically safe work culture.

About Upstream 22

The future of workforce mental health lives upstream. Upstream 22 brings together leaders and industry changemakers from across North America, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in proactive mental wellbeing for the workforce.

Who’s it for?

Senior HR professionals and business leaders who are committed to making mental health part of their company culture, changemakers in mental health, and leaders who are looking to join a community

Why attend?

HR and Safety leaders looking for market-leading strategies in preventative mental health support, this is an opportunity like no other. You’ll hear from leaders in top companies from across North America, clinicians and experts in the fields of psychiatry and psychology, and above all have great opportunities to network and build community with leaders building cutting-edge strategies in workforce mental health.

When & where?

Tuesday, November 8th at Contemporary Calgary, situated in downtown Calgary

What to expect?

The full-day conference on November 8th will include breakfast, lunch, and refreshments. The agenda will include keynote speakers, panels, and breakout sessions targeting specific tech and research trends and with applicability to all industries. We’ll also incorporate networking opportunities, wellness and movement breaks, and learning displays.

How to get tickets

Tickets are on sale now! Due to it being a first-time event, we are limited in quantity for this event. If you’re keen on attending, do not procrastinate and get your tickets today!

To get your tickets and to learn more about the event, visit https://www.upstreamsummit.com/

More exciting announcements on Upstream 22 will be coming soon.