How You Can Support Employees During Mental Health Day

How you can support employees during world mental health day

World Mental Health Day offers a timely reminder: Mental Health is a universal human right. This year, the theme underscores a profound reality, yet it also offers hope. Technology has seamlessly taken over our lives, with access to just about anything on your digital device at any second. And while not all of that is positive, it’s brought the ability to support the mental wellbeing of our workforce 24/7.  Now, platforms like headversity are pioneering this digital revolution, offering mental health and resilience upskilling within arm’s reach of every employee at all times.

So, how can leaders champion mental health on World Mental Health Day? Here are a few tips and suggestions from our team at headversity to help support leaders and their workforce on this day of global celebration.

Create Time and Space

At your company all-hands meeting or equivalent, creating a space where employees can speak openly about their feelings on this important day is key. Leadership should set the tone and lead by example in this space.

Encourage Practice

Bethel Institute’s research is a commonly referenced framework for how we retain information. Within 24 hours, we tend to remember only about 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, but what about what we practice? The jump there goes all the way up to 75%! Learning through practice has shown superior results in just about every form of skill building, and it’s no different for our mental health. Investing time can help to build healthy habits and prevent the day-to-day work/life adversity from negatively affecting us. Looking for a place to get started? Try the ‘Daily Three’ on headversity, 3 curated upskilling experiences for each employee that encourage specific actions on our platform. It’s a quick, personalized and simple way to invest some time into your mental wellbeing today.

Take a Tour of Our Resilience Feed

Our resilience feed is continuously updated with content that can help leaders and individuals build healthy habits into their lives.

Hold a TEAM Session

A big part of mental health is community. Working on skills individually is one piece of the equation. Building shared experiences on our teams will help to eradicate stigma and normalize it at a team level, and that’s just what TEAM can help with. Have a meeting today or this week? Give headversity TEAM a try, which empowers anyone to lead a session (no mental health experts required) that takes about 5 minutes. With dozens of topics to choose from, you can find evidence-based TEAM sessions that suit your team needs.

Take Time to Get Outside!

There are huge benefits to our mental wellbeing (and overall health and productivity) in getting outside and taking breaks from our work. Park a little further from your office today or block off some time in your calendar to take 15 minutes outside. You won’t regret it.

Happy World Mental Health Day! We are so thrilled that today, mental health gets the attention and love it deserves. That, in itself, is progress worth celebrating.

Resources for Employees

If your employees are in need of urgent care resources, here’s a list of some valuable resources to get immediate support.

American Resources:

SAMHSA’s National Helpline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

Mental Health America:

Canadian Resources:

Crisis Services Canada: 1-833-456-4566

Canadian Mental Health Association:

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