Our Industrial Program is specifically designed for workers on the front line that often find themselves isolated in remote working conditions and are in need of building psychological safety. We collaborate with industrial leaders to build custom, micro content, that integrates real-life industrial work situations to reinforce the learning concepts for your people.

What Our Industrial Customers Are Saying

“I can’t begin to thank headversity enough. The buzz around the office has been infectious! Everyone said they felt empowered and more peaceful after using the platform.”


– Patricia Phillips, CEO of PBA Land & Development

“Thanks for all the work that you guys do because it’s really important and it’s really bringing up the awareness and frankly the tools for managers to help them realize that they can have a really important impact in this space for their employees and for their workplaces.”

– Stephanie McDonald, Senior VP of People & Culture at Parkland Fuel

What Our Industrial Users Are Saying

“I really like how you tie the info to real life events, it helps to associate the learning to my own experiences.”

– Anonymous Employee

“All of this training was good not just for my job, but for my home life.”

– Anonymous Employee

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No two companies are alike. We’ve built our Industrial program to account for all of your unique challenges. Contact us today to learn how headversity can work with your organization and help your people think, feel, and BE better.