Introducing the All-New headversity Experience

Introducing the All-New headversity Experience

It’s release day! An exciting round of updates brings an all-new headversity experience to our learners.

Today marks an important milestone for headversity in our commitment to building the simplest, most practical and inclusive digital experiences in mental health upskilling for the workforce.

Our new platform updates are focused on simplifying and streamlining the learner experience across our training solutions, and we can’t wait for our partners to dig into the new features.  

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What’s included in the new updates? Here’s our Senior VP of Growth and Partnerships, Jason Gotwalt, with a breakdown.

Cross-Device Accessibility

The new update means improved adaptability and accessibility to headversity, empowering our learners to now access on their laptop, desktop, tablet, while continuing to benefit from our mobile app. Now, headversity can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Unified Login

Accessing headversity TEAM (group training) and SOLO (individual training) interchangeably has never been easier. With a unified login, learners can seamlessly transition between these solutions for a completely cohesive experience.

LMS Integrations

We’re proud to announce that Learning Management System (LMS) integrations are now available as part of this update, allowing our partners to roll headversity into their company training so that it’s centrally located for easy access, completion, and tracking.


The all-new REACH offers client administrators and company mental health champions a simple, turnkey experience to deliver our engaging and promotional resources, reinforcing preventative training across your entire organization, on all of your channels. Running your ongoing campaigns has never been easier, thanks to REACH.  

At headversity, our vision is to build a resilient, inclusive workforce, and today’s updates, along with the experiences they’ve enabled our learners, have us one step closer to realizing that vision.

For any of our existing partners that have questions about these updates, send us an email at and one of our customer success representatives will be in touch.

Not yet a partner of headversity, but want to get a look at our platform? Visit this demo page and we’ll have you connected with one of our account executives.