LNG Canada Taps headversity to Support Mental Health

LNG Canada Taps headversity to support mental health

LNG Canada Taps headversity to support mental health

LNG Canada recently selected headversity to assist with employee mental health and psychological safety at its construction site in Kitimat, British Columbia.

The company recognized that in order to reach its ambition of being the safest project on earth, mental health and psychological safety will play an important role. This led to them partnering with headversity to support the company’s workers, giving them tools to manage their mental wellbeing proactively.

“The safety and wellbeing of our workers is our top priority. We know that in order to be physically safe, you need to be mentally fit. Finding a mental health partner that shared this philosophy, has a history of working with the energy sector, and can help us make data-driven decisions was important to us. We’re excited to work with headversity and to help our workers improve their mental health and happiness while they’re building Canada’s first large-scale LNG facility,” said LNG Canada’s HSSE Director, Johnna Van Keuren.

For headversity CEO Dr. Ryan Todd, the emphasis of mental health in healthy and safety initiatives within the energy sector is encouraging to see.

“As someone who’s dedicated their career to mental health, it’s incredible to see how far we’ve come within the energy sector when projects such as this from LNG Canada prioritize psychological safety and see it as a core component to physical safety,” said Dr. Todd. “We are excited to work with LNG Canada on this initiative and do our part in helping this become the safest project on earth.”

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