Unmasking the Silent Struggle: Lessons from Norwich City FC on World Mental Health Day

Ever stumbled upon something online that just pierced straight through to your emotions?

Pause your scroll for a moment – because, this October, Norwich City Football Club delivered just that, unfolding a narrative that’s provoking both thought and conversation globally on mental health. (Check out their eye-opening video here).

The message? Deep and eye-opening: it isn’t obvious when someone is struggling with mental illness. In fact, sometimes, the people who don’t appear to be struggling are the ones who need the most support.

Behind the Mask of ‘I’m Fine’: The Silent Struggle of Mental Illness

But let’s journey beyond the screen and dive into an unseen yet palpable reality. Mental illness often weaves a silent tale. Hidden behind the routine ‘I’m fine’ and masked smiles, the internal battles waged by many remain unseen, unheard. But what if there was a way to empower each individual, giving them not just a voice, but tangible tools to build and boost their mental wellbeing daily?

Addressing the Mental Wellbeing of the 95%

Take a moment to visualize your everyday, hard-working employee. They’re not in crisis, but they juggle stresses, anxieties, and low moments as they seamlessly transition between work and home life. Traditional EAPs offer support to approximately 5% of the workforce that leans into crisis resources and therapy. But this leaves the lingering question: How do we uplift the remaining 95% to optimize their mental wellbeing, enabling them to soar through daily hurdles while preventing a plummet into mental difficulty?

Bridging to Immediate Mental Health Support Through Technology

In this age of binge-watching and instant messaging, where immediate satisfaction is almost a given, why should mental health support lag? Through the power of technology, the bridge between an individual and professional-grade mental health support is just a tap away. Be it 3 AM musings or midday slumps, with 24/7 access to tools, everyone can seek the help they need exactly when they need it.

But it’s not just about the crisis points; it’s also about the small daily practices that can lead to big shifts in our mental wellbeing. That’s where micro-practices come in. These simple, scientifically proven exercises are designed to fit easily into your routine, anytime, anywhere. They’re your own personal toolkit for building resilience.

However, the journey doesn’t stop there. While traditional EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) play a crucial role in providing necessary therapy, they’re just one part of a much larger picture. Enter the Preventative Assistance Platform, or PRE.A.P. Think of it as an extension of support, not a substitute. PRE.A.P. broadens the scope of mental health support, recognizing that while therapy is essential for some, mental health support should be accessible to all. It’s not about reacting to issues as they occur but about proactively embedding wellbeing into our culture.

PRE.A.P. reimagines the approach to mental health, extending beyond the service of immediate therapeutic needs, to embed a culture of proactive wellbeing. By targeting the broader spectrum of the workforce and incorporating mental wellbeing into the essence of work culture, PRE.A.P. presents a vibrant, inclusive approach to mental health. It promotes the idea that taking care of your mental wellbeing is not just an afterthought but an intuitive part of our everyday routines.

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