The Impact of Bell Let’s Talk

The Impact of Bell Let's Talk

Now in its 12th year, Bell Let’s Talk has changed the way we discuss mental health in Canada. The annual event is like the ‘Superbowl’ for mental health, and the viral social campaign has raised more than $139 million for mental health initiatives since it launched in 2011.

What makes Bell Let’s Talk significant

As headversity CEO Dr. Ryan Todd mentions, the campaign has done a tremendous amount for mental health awareness. The commonly referenced 1-in-5 statistic was born through campaigns like Bell Let’s Talk, helping normalize that one in a handful of us deal with mental health issues. With more than 1.3 billion social interactions featuring the #letstalk hashtag, and support from politicians, actors, and musicians, the campaign continues to encourage discussion (and now listening) around mental health that has helped eradicate stigma.

What opportunities has the campaign created?

With more than half of our adult lives spent at work, it’s no wonder that organizations are exploring mental health as a top business priority. With issues intensifying through the pandemic, employers are now beginning to realize the previously understood 1-in-5 statistic is now a 5-in-5 reality – we ALL deal with mental health and manage adversity every single day.

How you can contribute

This year marks a notable change in Bell Let’s Talk: the #BellLetsTalk hashtag no longer tallies each mention and donates 5¢ per message. Instead, Bell is donating a $10M lump sum. This doesn’t mean sharing and the virality of the campaign needs to stop! We’d encourage sharing your stories on social and joining the important conversation that was started some 12 years ago. For more on how you can contribute to this important cause, visit