To Be the World’s Best

Mental Fitness Minute is a weekly Instagram series by Dr. Karen MacNeill


What does that take to be the world’s best, to operate at peak performance consistently? We take a look at what model Olympic athletes use to be the best that they can be and that the world has seen.

be the world's best
What does it take to be the world’s best?
  1. Be clear on who you are when you’re at your best.
  2. Self-expertise. Know your why, your purpose and how you want to show up consistently.
  3. Formally train your mind so you can be that person consistently. Using developmental fitness tools like poise, focus, and confidence you can refine your thoughts and train your mind.
  4. Learn energy management strategies, like recovery strategies. Make sure you are sleeping, eating, moving enough throughout the day so that you can sustain the effort over time.


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