Well! Here it is. My first blog post on headversity. And with that in mind I thought it would be fun to write about new beginnings.

A new beginning. We’ve all experienced it in one way or another. Over 300,000 babies born around the world today are experiencing a dramatically new beginning (welcome to the world little ones). As for the rest of us, we’ve experienced several new beginnings since we got here, maybe even thousands, and are bound to continue to witness more as life continues.

It all depends on how you look at it

The number of new experiences we go through in our lives really all depends on us, our sense of risk and adventure, or more relevant to this post, on how we choose to define the term ‘new beginning’.

mental health perspective new beginnings

When I sat down to write this post, I realized that what we define as a new beginning can depend both on perspective and meaning. Perspective, because depending on how you look at it, there are many different experiences that we can call new beginnings. And meaning, because when we look at our lives there are certain beginnings that will stand out over the rest. Perhaps, they are defining moments in our lives. I think both the perspective and the meaning we bring to these experiences can shape the direction of our lives and the satisfaction we feel in it.

Let me share some examples. First on perspective.

Perspective can mean a lot

We have all experienced something new in our lives. In fact, tomorrow we will all experience something new (somewhat) together: a new day. I think this can mean different things to different people. For example, tomorrow may not feel a whole lot different from today for some people, and may not even feel new. This is especially true when we’re feeling stuck in life or that every day is Groundhog Day #BillMurray.

Bill Murray in Groundhog Day

Still, tomorrow can still be thought of as a new beginning, since no day is like any other. There will never, ever, be another….(insert tomorrow’s date).

In fact, it’s not just that the start of a new day is a new beginning, the day itself is filled with a bunch of fresh starts. If we think of any given day as a series of moments where something new begins we could experience it in a new way, too. So, waking up, brushing my teeth, catching the bus, sitting in a meeting, coming home, and going to sleep are all the things I do on a weekday that can blend into each other without my awareness. Moshe Sakal whatzmyvibe But these moments also offer me the chance to see each new hour or action as an opportunity. The opportunity to think and do differently from the moment before. To take control of the direction of my thoughts and actions, to be more mindful, present and to direct my intentions to where I really want my energy to go. I think that can be an empowering experience and perspective.

This awareness of choice can make a difference on how I live my day, and over time, my life. It could be give meaning to the ideas of living in the moment or the power of now. Looking at new beginnings in this way can literally change the way we experience our lives. There are other beginnings that can impact us in a similar way.

Beginnings that just stand out

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve experienced at least a decade or two of your life. That’s a long time. Like, over 7000 days long. In those days, there is also a good chance that you started or tried something new, something that you had never done before, that you still remember and think back to. A memory of a new beginning that just stands out.

One that stands out for me, and one that you may be able to relate to, is the day my family arrived to Canada. August 6, 1986. We came to Toronto from Israel when I was seven. My parents, my sister and my twin brother left our extended family behind and began a new life here in this great big city. It was definitely a new experience and it took some getting used to. Looking back, it’s probably one of the more significant days, and beginnings, of my life. It shaped and continues to shape me and my family. (As I write this, I’m beginning to appreciate the significance of that day – pun totally not indented.)

For other people, a similar new beginning could be the day they got married or had their first (or fourth) child. It could be the day someone decides to put paintbrush to canvas, or pen to paper. The day someone buys their first car or home, walks onto a school bus or a boat. Each of us has some memory of a time when we started something new, starting something that changes who we are in some way. These beginnings can feel fewer, but they are everlasting.

We all have new beginnings

This post is the beginning of a journey for me. Down the line it may end up being another important beginning in my life. Only time will tell. Either way, it’s a journey I’m excited to start and look forward to sharing with you.



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