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Employee Mental Health Support One Tap Away

headversity makes it simple for employees to improve their mental health, every day!

Product Features.

One-touch crisis channeling.
App-based, personalized mental resilience training.
Preventative, practice-focused scientific approach.
Results that matter:

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Take a step towards empowering your employees with the right support they need, at the right time. Explore how our one-tap SOS feature and 24/7 accessibility can make a vital difference in someone’s life.


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headversity is a great platform because it provides resources to employees that they have access to 24/7. Some people feel weak if they have to look and seek out mental health support and don’t feel comfortable talking to others. But if they have the presence of mind where they know they can reach out for help on their own privately at any time is crucial.

My wife made me download it, but it has helped change some stuff in me.